we dyscordians must stick apart


Mean. Funny, but mean

Originally posted 8/23/07


Alice Amplified said...

OH MY FUCKING GOD. I'm sorry but that is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

If I didn't think my friend would flip her preverbial shit over it, I'd send it to her. She didn't speak to me for days when I mentioned I "heard" the dumbass died.

I breezed your rules, I beleive I violated most of them... as long as I can cuss, we're good.

What the hell is a 55 and why cant we have any?

Michael said...

Welcome Alice. Violate away. If you don't Ali will. Cussing is frigging fine if you feel the need.

A 55 is a story told in 55 words or less. I posted my old 55's from a previous incarnation of SH but I got bored with them so there will be no more.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Very mean!

Alice Amplified said...

"I got bored with them, so there will be no more"... BY DECREE!!!

I friggin love this guy.

I'm new to bloggin' so be gentle, but not too gentle.... I cuss a little (in text) lately cause Im a little pissed off lately....but hey, whatever.

It will pass, I'll be back to Miss Mary Fucking Sunshine any day now.

My name is Heather (and you said I wasn't REAL). Alice Amplified is the name of my non-band. Just in case your wondered the origin.

I knoww, I know.... Heather.. a name for strippers and shrubbery...

Michael said...

SSN - welcome. Very mean indeed. But funny.

Heather - I'm nothing if not gentle-ish. Don't worry about the cussing, feel free to be yourself here.

My first thought when I saw your AA moniker was that it would make a great band name. Maybe I am psychic after all.

Ali said...

Me? Violate?? Never. xx

I love this post... funniest sign I have seen in ages, but then I'm NOT a Harry Potter fan!!!

val said...

If only Harry Potter had dies on page 1, we would have been spared all this hype.

Welcome back, Michael. I promise not to nitpick over details of spelling and grammar any more.

Alice Amplified said...

Hey...You put me on your STARS List....that's so nice. I'm all verklempt now.

Is it because I'm so in touch with my inner fuck-you?

It was a bad, bad day that day.... I've considered deleting it, but... well, it is what it is right?

Thanks Michael, way to make a girl feel welcome!

Mark- TCM said...

Ha - love it! Shame that 'er indoors has already paid good money for that book otherwise I'd have some extra beer money....

Pauline said...

How did he die was it like poof and he was gone....not that I give a damn but people might ask...not!

Michael said...

Ali - don't play the innocent. We all know better.

Val - thanks and yes, page one would have been the best option. I can't believe we actually agree on something. Strange times.

Heather - You're welcome.

mark - your wife handed over beer tokens for that tripe? I'm sorry. I feel your pain, really I do.

Pauline - no idea and couldn't be less interested. I'm not even sure if he did die. On the bright side NO MORE HARRY POTTER BOOKS!

Alice Amplified said...

Dude, for the love of God in Heaven... Blog us sumthin new would ya? I just had to answer you on my own damned blog!!

Michael said...

I have a post coming. Give an old man a break here. You get to 97 and you'll be a bit slow with the damned typing damnit.