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Does Anyone Want A Kitten?

This is Millie. Millie was a little surprise my girlfriend brought home one day. She was an impulse purchase of sorts. Soon after Millie's arrival, my girlfriend unexpectedly bailed out and left me holding the kitten.

Millie likes to check out the drawers and toss the contents on the floor.

A few weeks after my girlfriend left I was offered the chance to rescue another cat by a colleague at work who showed me a picture of a kitten curled up in a cat bowl. I agreed to save the little guy from what I was assured was going to ba a fate worse than death. On a temporary basis. Until a home could be found for him.

A cage containing a cat was duly delivered to the house. I couldn't help but notice, as the new arrival emerged from the pet carrier and unfolded himself, that he was about thrice as big as Millie despite the fact, I was told, that he was the same age.

That must have been some big fricken bowl he was photographed in.

I named him Moschops, for no apparent reason.

Moschops in his trademark Nuremberg pose.

Time, as it does, passed. The cats grew, as cats do. I discovered that finding a home for a cat or two is not as easy as it sounds. Pretty soon Moschops, who seems to grow a few inches every day, started peeing on things. It was pointed out that that I should consider having his peas picked before he and Millie started reproducing and also to stop him spraying. Good idea, I thought. I figured I'd get round to it eventually.

Sadly, "eventually" was not fast enough. Moschops got round to Millie before I got round to getting him neutered and the results are pictured below.

After much deliberation I think I might call them WTF and Holy Shit or Hattie and Holly for short (thanks Barbara!).

Hattie and Holly in their scratching post.

UPDATE: After much deliberation, I DID call them WTF and Holy Shit.


val said...

Nature (especially in kitties) won't wait for you to get round to doing something about it, as you have discovered.

Perversely, a neighbour of mine had a black cat that she wanted to breed, but the little madam was so fussy, it took her two years to choose a mate. He was black like her and they had four perfect black kittens.

I've never before come across an unneutered outdoor cat who didn't have kittens till she was two.

The cats and the kittens are all gorgeous. I bet you love them all to bits. I bet you keep them all...

Michael said...

Love them all to bits? Pfft. I'm not a cat person. They're going!

val said...

I don't believe you.

Michael said...

I get that a lot...

cathy said...

we are getting a kitten...

...shhh, N doesn't know yet .

Michael said...